We are currently established in Thiruvanandhapuram, India with the high aim to fulfill the needs of those who face diffulties in getting the latest fresh items and goods from India. Our priority is to deliver the best quality products to our clients.We assure our clients that necessary market studies will be done before providing them the latest affordable rates available in the market. We will not hesitate to help out whether you are a small independent wholesaler with a small quantity in mind or a global wholesaler. Our Vision is not a fast profitable short term relationship is our clients. Mannam International is here to pursue a long and prosperous future for both us and to our clients. You can contact us for more information through our contact page.


We are exporters of a vast range of fresh fruits and fresh vegetables, organic fruits and vegetables, different kinds of nuts and food items, electronic appliances, textiles from Thiruvanandhapuram, India. Our Goal is to effectively gratify the requirements of both domestic and overseas market for fresh fruits and fresh vegetables, nuts and chips, electronic appliances, textiles.
Our experienced staff are well trained in the field. They are more than capable of handling, packing and dispatching the goods and items according to the customer need. We are relentless to provide the latest in the market to an affordable price.

Our Packaging

offer maximum protection to the products we ship.
Transport the products in the most freight-efficient manner
Enable impact merchandising at retail level
Our experts oversee every aspect of the pack house process from the moment of the products arrival until they are loaded into the aircraft or container.
We ensure that each consignment is packed and labeled correctly, so that the consumer can enjoy our quality products.

At Your Service

Reliability & Market Study

We invest a significant amount of time in studying the current market to deliver (More) the latestrates to our clients and we are constantly working hard to maintain that reputation Our constantmonitor of the products we supply to our clients, ensure that their business is never affected by any problems we handle. (Less)

Client Communication

We will be tracking all of our shipments and we will always keep our clients informed of the progress of(Read More) the delivery.As we are not looking for a short term we will make sure to treat our clients with respect that they deserve.(Less)

Our experienced Team

Our professional team is more than capable of handling, packing and dispacthing the products we deliver.

Our Negotiations

It's true, we listen to the ideas, plans and objectives of our clients, After proper study the best solution will be (Read More) provided to our clients. If we are not good enough to fit to the demands of our clients we will be honest and tell them from the outset.(Less)


We believe our success is the business honesty in which we work with clients and partners. Our transparency (Read More) with our clients has been and is contiuning to be a huge problem for our competitors. If you are looking for a trusted partner and your company shares similar standards to our company we would really like to hear from you. Simply call or contact us using our contact page. (Less)


We are passionate about the services we provide to our clients, that is one of the main reasons why are (Read More) apart from our competitors. That's one of the reasons why when someone tells us, it can't be done, we make sure that we do everything possible to get it done. We're just as passionate to keep our promises, so we won't make any promises we can't keep. We take care of every one of our clients and will continue to provide you our Passionate Service. (Less)


Working closely with manufacturers, Mannam International embraces quality; by going (Read More) through the market and valuing all stakeholders and the environment, the company strives for continuous improvement throughout all areas of its operations. An accolade to this commitment is Mannam's success in achieving exceptional standards in “Business Excellence. (Less)

About Us

MANNAM INTERNATIONAL was founded on 2nd April 2014 by Mr. Ahmed Muneef Ali and Mr. Rajeevkumar Sankunni Nair. It is a company built mainly on exporting goods from Thiruvanandhapuram, India to overseas.MANNAM INTERNATIONAL was an idea which became a reality on the concern of high and unaffordable rates of export and import of goods to and from overseas, mainly directed to Maldives. We are here to provide an affordable and a more sustainable export rate of goods.Like every other ambitious company, we are relantless to expand our services in a way that our clients appreciate our efforts. Our exports are growing day by day ranging thorugh fresh vegetables and fruits, Organic vegetables and fruits, electrical appliances, textiles and much more.
To reach our vision we are persistent to sustain a level of efficiency at the we do and to offer the best and most committed service to our clients.

Cafe Mannam

Cafe Mannam, brew of restaurant and cafe, founded in 2016, is the part of Mannam International, located near to the International airport and opposite to Ananthapuri Hospital, Thiruvanandhapuram. The Cafe Mannam is famous for its exclusive menu which contains multi-cuisines from Arabian, Maldivian, North Indian and South Indian dishes. Cafe Mannam strictly follows policy of no compromise on freshness, quality, hygiene and healthiness.

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